Placement test

This placement test was developed using the English Profile database, a project that describes the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels for the English language. This database incorporates level descriptions and speakers’ real examples to reflect the expected language use for students in each of the six levels of the CEFR. The English Profile project was founded by the University of Cambridge. Most questions created for this placement test were based on the English Profile database. The listening section uses a CC-licensed video available on YouTube. The reading section is an adaptation of a real business email.

After completing the test, you will be able to see your score. However, the score is only a rough description of your abilities, and it needs to be assessed by me in combination with a speaking placement. This way, you will know more precisely how you compare to other English learners all over the world and what you need to do in order to improve your skills. After a placement test, it is always important to do a wishes-and-needs analysis.

Contact me for more information or questions. Good test.

Notice that this form might have different sizes depending on the section, so always scroll up when you move through sections. If you experience any problems doing the test on this page, go here.